Beach Belle Plus Size Swimwear


Beach Belle Plus Size Swimwear

Beach Belle is the maker of plus size swimwear that fits women of any shape or size in a flattering way. Their swimwear is reasonably priced, and highly rated among women who wear it. The pricing is nearly exactly what other popular brands, like Lands End or Everything But Water, but the swimsuits are specifically tailored for women of proportion.

It is available in only a few stores online, and of course on eBay (what can't you get on eBay) and believe me, the pictures don't do justice to what you are seeing. You need to be able to feel the effects that the swimwear has, and trying it once means you won't want to wear any other brand.

Features of Beach Belle Swimwear

Beach Belle has created swimsuits that each have one or more of the following features:
  • Support your bust
  • Slim your tummy
  • Slim your rear and thighs
  • Hide your hips
  • Enhance your bust
  • Works if you have a long body
Some swimsuits are better than others at any specific need, so you should check out what you think you'll need the most when shopping.

Beach Belle Print Tops

Another thing to consider about Beach Belle Swimwear is their use of prints. Prints are helpful in hiding any flaws in your figure, or in being positioned in such a way as to enhance the way they've cut the suit to fit someone of your shape. They leave nothing out, not only will the cut feel great and the prints look fantastic, they will also help flatter you in ways that you won't imagine!

Other Beach Belle Swimsuits


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